Planet » T « Healthy drinking is vital

It is especially important that children develop healthy drinking habits and have an adequate fluid intake. Leading associations of German nutrition experts, such as the German Nutrition Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung), the Research Institute for Child Nutrition (Forschungsinstitut für Kinderernährung) and the aid Infodienst e. V. recommend unsweetened herbal and fruit teas as great thirst quenchers. This is why alveus® wants to help children get to know tea as a natural product in a fun way, and to encourage them to develop healthy drinking habits.

Discovering the world of tea in a fun way

This is why we have developed the “Planet T” tea explorer folder in four languages. It combines learning with the joy of experimenting. The children complete tasks, create their own tea blends from loose dried herbs and fruits, and can then design their very own label for the new tea. By using their sense of smell, taste and touch, the young researchers soon become little tea experts.

Become a fan of “Icebear & Tiger”

In the “Planet T” learning and making folder, our fun comic stars “Icebear & Tiger” take children (and adults) on a journey through the world of healthy drinking. The focus is always on ensuring all children participate actively and join in the experiences. The worksheets are self-explanatory and have parts to fill out, colour in and answer. Whether it is at home, kindergarten or at school: The “Planet T” opens up the world of healthy drinking to our children.

Doing good and giving joy

Children love it when learning is fun and they can apply what they have learned to their everyday lives. The tea explorer folder is a really special surprise. Blending, infusing and tasting a homemade tea creation is a great experience for all the senses, which kids will talk about enthusiastically for a long time to come. Why not give the “Planet T” as a present?

Taking responsibility for our children’s future – about alveus

The Hamburg-based alveus® tea workshop takes on responsibility for the future of our society. Through its initiative “Healthy tea drinking for children”, alveus® wants to work with nutritionists to introduce children to the natural product that is tea – through play. alveus® thinks in a sustainable way and has specialised in the production of organic quality teas. In the Hamburg-based workshop, which has specialised in the production of organic teas, the teas are mixed, packed and dispatched by hand – in the truest sense of the phrase. “Anyone that thinks in terms of sustainability must invest in their children’s future. And for us as tea sellers, what could be more appropriate than dedicating our efforts to promoting healthy drinking?” asks managing director Daniel Trenk, remarking on the success of his initiative.


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